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Dreams About Death and Being Visited by the Dead

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Dreams about death and visitation dreams are some of the most common dreams my clients ask me about. Dreams where you see a passed loved one, see someone die, or experience a death yourself are dreams worth looking into. So let’s dive into what they might mean:

Although dreams about death and being visited by a passed loved can often be shocking and scary, they often have quite positive meanings...

Just a quick note before we start: There are many out there who believe death dreams are warnings that something bad is about to happen. Allow me to reassure you, 99% of the time, death dreams are not an indication that anyone is going to die in the near future. We also won’t die in real life if we die in a dream.

Having had a few of these dreams myself, I can absolutely understand why these are one of the first dreams people want to talk about with a Dream Interpreter. They tend to be quite vivid and shocking, not always scary, but certainly shocking and alarming.

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Dreams About Death and Dying

Starting off with death dreams, seeing someone else, or yourself die. Death in dreams is very similar to the death card in the tarot deck, it’s not symbolising an actual death, but change. The death of a previous version of yourself, of a relationship, of a belief, circumstance, idea, project… change.

For something to change, something first must come to an end, this ending is what’s being represented by a death.

When we see someone else die in our dreams who we know in our waking life, we need to ask ourselves questions such as: “who is this person to me?”, “what of their characteristics are most prominent, do they reflect one of my characteristics or one I would like to have?”, “what is my current relationship like with them?”, “are there any changes currently happening for that person or our relationship?”…

If the person is someone you don’t know in your waking life, ask yourself questions like, “who, or what, does this person represent to me?”, “what similar qualities or characteristics can I recognise in them, in myself?”, “what area of my life do they seem to be associated to?”.

We receive death dreams because as a species, most of us don’t tend to like change and some changes are certainly a lot harder to accept than others. These dreams help us process changes that have already happened, are happening, and to prepare us for upcoming changes we might know in the back of our minds need to happen, but for one reason or another, are finding it hard to accept that it needs to happen.

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All About Visitation Dreams

Visitation dreams are when someone who has passed away visits us in our dreams.

What I have come to find, particularly with passed loved ones, many experience this quite frequently soon after the loved one’s passing. Depending on your beliefs, mostly, I believe it is the spirit or the energy of that person coming to support the dreamer whilst they grieve. Or in cases where it’s not the spirit of the person, it’s ourselves processing the loss and the realisations of our mortality we face when someone we know passes away.

After a time, their visits seem to become less frequent, but they continue to appear in dreams that hold important information as their presence seems to help us remember the important dreams.

Death in dreams is mostly a positive omen, although I’m aware it doesn’t seem that way when we awake from one. As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said:

“Change is the only constant in life”.

We are forever changing and evolving, learning and growing, improving our lives and ourselves. It’s when we resist these changes that we suffer and death dreams come to help us out of this suffering and into change, grief, healing, and a better future

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