7 Unique Tips to Remember Your Dreams Better

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Do you remember your dreams? There are two main responses when I tell people I’m a Dream Interpreter, the first is, “Oh I had a bizarre dream recently about…” and the second is “I don’t remember my dreams…”.

For those who don’t remember their dreams, who don’t believe they dream at all, and to those who would like to improve their dream remembering skills: here are 8 unique tips to help you improve your dream recall.

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Tip 1: Affirmation to Remember Your Dreams

Research has found the most effective way to improve your dream recall is to start believing that you do remember your dreams. Do this by telling yourself throughout the day and before going to bed, “I remember my dreams”. Allow a few weeks for this to take effect and write down any tiny detail you might remember, even if it’s simply a colour or emotion.

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Tip 2: Soft Alarm Clock

If you’re someone who needs to set an alarm clock, ensure you’re using a soft melody to wake you up. Using an abrupt loud alarm shocks our system and often results in us forgetting our dreams almost instantly.

A woman rugged up in her duvet like a burrito fast asleep in bed

Tip 3: The Dreaming Position

This tip is for when you wake up remembering a dream but you’re quickly forgetting the details. Get your body back into the position it was in whilst you had the dream. Try it, it’s highly effective!

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Tip 4: Focus on the Emotions

When trying to remember a dream, try not to force it or stress that it’s slipping away. This can make the dream details slip away even faster. Instead, keep your eyes closed and focus on what you can remember. Focus on the feelings and emotions you felt in the dream. This will help you to almost re-immerse yourself into the dream which will help prompt you to remember more of the dream.

A woman meditation on her bed

Tip 5: Meditate to Remember Your Dreams

This is taking tip 4 to another level! Intentionally re-immerse yourself back into the dream with meditation. If you don’t regularly meditate, start off by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath allowing any thoughts that may enter your mind to pass on through. Once you feel your mind is clear and you’re at peace, focus on what you do remember of your dream and feel what you felt whilst in the dream. Re-enter the dream, see it around you and let it unfold before you, try not to control it. Simply look around and let it unfold.

Note: If the dream you’re trying to remember was a scary one, or one that left you feeling unsettled, hold an item in your hand like a crystal or even a teddy to remind yourself throughout the meditation that you are safe.

Tip 6: Dream Enhancing Aroma Therapy

I’m going to write a whole blog on essential oils and dreams as well as one on tea and dreams, so keep an eye out for those!

For now, if there is a scent or a blend you have on hand that you find calming and relaxing. Add a drop of this on the top side of your bed on both corners. Then in the morning, have the bottle by your bed along with your dream journal and smell the scent. The power of scent and it’s relationship with our memory is incredible!

Two women sitting on a cream linen couch talking and laughing

Tip 7: Tell Someone About your Dream

Sometimes telling someone about the dream and verbally talking about it out loud can prompt you to remember further details. However, I suggest doing this after you have already written down all that you can remember.

Here are 7 unique tips to help you remember your dreams. These tips even work for those who say they don't dream at all!

Dream recall is a skill that is made stronger the more you work at it. So keep trying, keep working at it, journal what you can remember, even if it’s just a tiny fragment or just a feeling. The more you make it your daily practice, the stronger your dream recall will become and you’ll be writing dreams down in full detail in no time!

Of course, the next step will be to write down your dream, and to help you with that, check out my blog on Dream Journaling Tips.

Did you find this helpful? Which tips are you going to try? Or which tip/s have you tried and did it work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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