What Do Dreams About Ex Partners Mean?

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Dreams about ex-partners are very common, but it’s far less common that these dreams mean you actually want to get back into a relationship with them.

Contrary to popular belief, dreams about ex partners are rarely about hidden desires to reconnect with the ex in question…

There are quite a few possibilities of what dreaming about an ex-partner may mean, and there are far more than just the ones I talk about in this blog. If you have had a dream about an ex-partner, I’ve shared a few tips with you at the end to help you determine what your particular dream might mean.

What Do Dreams About Ex Partners Mean?

a desire to reconnect

As I mentioned, although this possibility is far less common, dreaming about an ex-partner can sometimes be an expression of current desires to re-entre into a relationship, or simply reconnect a with the ex.

missing companionship

More commonly though, and particularly for those who were single at the time of having such a dream, the dream might be suggesting you’re missing the feeling of being in a relationship, having someone to talk to, to trust, to experience life with… but not your actual ex.

If this is the case, and you’re starting to feel ready to enter a new relationship, it’s also common for your subconscious mind to remember your ex-partners and which of their qualities you particularly liked that you might like to look for in a future partner. Or, which qualities you didn’t like and might want to avoid.

someone’s reminded you of your ex

In some cases, you may have noticed consciously or unconsciously that someone in your waking life is showing similar characteristics of your ex-partner. Depending on your ex-partner and what your past relationship with them was like, it might be a positive thing, or a warning if they were toxic and/or abusive.

the ex is a reflection of you, not your ex

Sometimes the ex-partner isn’t about them or your romantic life at all. Often, the people who show up in our dreams are representing the qualities we admired or despised in them which we might want to embody or avoid ourselves.

It might be that you’re remembering qualities you yourself possessed during the time of your relationship with them which you might subconsciously want to embody again, such as being more expressive, more open, more fun. Or, you might be reminding yourself about negative behaviours and habits you used to have which you would like to continue to stay away from.

remembering a time when you had fun

Particularly for those who are married or in long term committed relationships, a dream about an ex-partner is often about remembering a time when you had less responsibilities, more fun and passion. In which case, this is a message to take a break and to do something fun with your partner/family.


For those who dreamt of an ex who was abusive and/or toxic, it’s common to dream about past traumatic events until the trauma wound has been healed. Check out my blog on Recurring Dreams for more information on dreams about past traumatic experiences.

Tips to Interpret Your Own Dream About an Ex

As I said, there are quite a few possibilities here as to what a dream about an ex-partner could mean. To determine what your specific dream might mean, consider what happened in your specific dream, the feelings and emotions you felt in the dream, what actually happened during the relationship in your waking life and what was happening in your waking life when you had the dream.

It might also help to list three key characteristics you would use to describe that ex-partner as they appeared in the dream, and another three you would describe that ex-partner whilst you were in a relationship with them in your waking life.

Need further help?

If you would like a hand with understanding what your dream about your ex means, or any other dream, feel free to contact me or book in a dream interpretation via this link.

I hope you found this blog helpful and I hope it relieves some anxieties I know many dreamers have who have had these types of dreams (and their partners), by showing that it likely doesn’t mean you want to re-connect with them, or that they are wanting to re-connect you.

Sweet dreams dear dreamers.

Contrary to popular belief, dreams about ex partners are rarely about hidden desires to reconnect with the ex in question…

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