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What does it mean to see Medusa in your Dream?

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The story of Medusa has portrayed her as a monster for centuries. But if we were to sit as an Ancient Greek philosopher and look into her story further, we would uncover a deeper truth. One that would give us a good understanding of what it might mean if you saw Medusa in your dream…

Medusa is a fascinating dream symbol with a deep meaning. Here's what Medusa might mean if you saw her in your dream...

Medusa’s Story

In a nutshell, the story of Medusa is about a very beautiful mortal young lady who takes a vow of celibacy when becoming one of Athena’s priestesses. The vow was broken when Medusa and Poseidon had sex.

Athena was very angry and turned Medusa into a monster. A hideous hag with snakes as hair, skin with a green hue and a curse causing anyone who locked eyes with her to turn to stone.

Looking Deeper

There are varying versions of a particular detail of the story… some versions say Poseidon tempted Medusa into having sex with him in one of Athena’s temples. Others say Medusa fell in love with him. Whereas, another version says Poseidon outright raped her.

Medusa was a very beautiful mortal human woman. Poseidon was an incredibly powerful immortal god who received no punishment in any version of the story.

Medusa can be seen as a symbol for what many of us women have unfortunately experienced in our lives for simply being female. Medusa was slut shamed and cursed into a monster for the non-consensual actions of a very powerful man.

*Spoiler Alert*

There’s a new Charmed tv series on Stan and they did an episode on Medusa as the villain. The Charmed ones didn’t vanquish her the way it happened in the Mythology story by cutting off her head. Instead, the they realised only the people who looked away from Medusa turned to stone. The whole “don’t look into her eyes, or you’ll turn into stone” was a ploy to make people not look at her, preventing them from seeing the truth. The truth being, Medusa was the innocent one who was wronged.

The Charmed ones “vanquished” Medusa by looking into her eyes and telling her they see her. They see that she was the one who was wronged which ultimately freed Medusa to peacefully pass on.

How many other characters, people, truths and narratives have been made to look ugly so that we look away to prevent us from seeing the truth?

The Meaning of Medusa in Your Dream

what Medusa represents

As a dream symbol, Medusa could represent a truth that you know to be true within your heart. However, for one reason or another, you see this truth as ugly and unacceptable. You may even fear it, feel shame about it and be disgusted by it.

The truth might be something about yourself, your life or a belief that you cripplingly fear others would not approve of. It could be about someone having done wrong by you, but you feel too scared to tell others about it. Or, maybe you’re the one who did wrong by someone else and you feel too shameful to admit it.

the symbolic message Medusa holds

The message of the dream might be to do as the Charmed ones did, to no longer look away, ignore or fear the truth. You must look straight into her eyes, face her and face the truth. Accept it with love, embody it, express it and feel utterly empowered and free.

It is time for you to uncover the truth that has been hidden under layers of ugliness. You are ready!

If this is ringing true for you, I suspect you will find this post of interest.

Medusa is a fascinating dream symbol with a deep meaning. Here's what Medusa might mean if you saw her in your dream...

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