The Most Common Dreams People Have and What They Mean

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Read on to find out the 5 most common types of dreams my clients have shared with me over the past 7 years and what they mean.

If you Google ‘Common Dreams’, you will receive thousands of search results sharing a similar list of common dreams such as teeth falling out, being late to something and finding yourself naked in public.

Having interpreted dreams for people who live all over the world for the past 7 years, I can confirm these dreams are indeed quite common.

However, I have a few dream themes to add to these lists that I have found to be even more common.

Here are the top 5 most common dreams my clients have shared with me:

Dreams Inside a House

Dreams of being in a house is the top most common dream theme that has been shared with me. In particular, dreams about being in your childhood home would be the most common type of house dream.

The type of house and the house’s condition reveals a lot about the meaning of the dream. In general, a house represents your psyche and each room of the house represents different aspects of your life.

A dreamy looking waterfall surrounded by purple buganvilia flowers.

Dreams About Water

Water dreams can be dreams of a river, ocean, rain, lake, drinking water, a flood, a tsunami, waterfall…

Water in dreams represent emotions, so it’s no wonder water dreams are very common. Whilst dreaming, we are safe to express our true emotions that we tend to supress in our waking life.

The condition and action of the water can determine the type of emotion and how it’s affecting you. For example, if you dream of a clean calm lake, then it’s expressing feelings of peace and calm. Whereas, if you dream of a tsunami, it could be expressing overwhelming emotions.

A beaten up light blue classic old car in the dreamy woods with it's headlights still on

Dreams in a Car

Car dreams are also very common. Dreaming about being in a car can represent your goals and ambitions in life and how your progress is going in achieving them.

The condition of the car, your position in the car and what the car is doing will all contribute to the overall meaning of the dream.

a woman in a dreamy forest looking back at the camera and trying to run away as if being chased

Dreams of Being Chased

Being chased by someone or something is a very common dream. It’s is far more common to dream about being chased than to dream about after someone or something.

A lot of the time, being chased suggests there is something in your life you’re consciously or unconsciously trying to avoid. Identifying who or what it is that’s chasing you will help to determine exactly what it is that you’re avoiding.

It’s important to note how you felt whilst being chased in the dream. For example, the meaning of the dream would be different if you felt playful or happy whilst being chased compared to feeling scared and fearful.

If you have experienced a number of dreams about being chased, check out this post, you might find it helpful.

A dreamy beach lit up by pink light from the sunset with pink fluffy clouds in the sky

Dreams at the Beach

This one isn’t as common as the above dreams, but it’s still one of the common dreams clients share with me.

A beach in dreams can often represent the meeting of the rational/conscious mind represented by the sand, and the emotional/unconscious mind represented by the ocean.

Where you are on the beach can reveal a lot about the meaning of the dream. Are you on the sand or in the water? Are you looking at or looking away at the sand/water? Do you see yourself at the water’s edge where the sand and ocean meet? These are all important details to note down.

What dream themes have you regularly dreamt of?
Let me know in the comments below.

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