Interpreting Old Dreams From Your Past

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Let’s pick up those old dream journals and interpret those dreams from the past to find out what they mean. Why spend time interpreting old dreams? Because there are some life changing benefits in doing so. Read on to find out what they are!

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Most dreams tend to be pertinent to the time they are received, however, there are many benefits in analysing dreams from the past.

The Benefits of Interpreting Old Dreams

helps you to shift your mindset

Looking into dreams from the past can help shift the dreamer’s perspective on a past situation or person. When this happens, we shift our mindset into a more positive one about ourselves, who we are, our lives, our relationships and our beliefs.

let go of what no longer serves you

Due to the mindset shifts that can occur when revisiting old dreams, we free ourselves from old limiting beliefs. We can let go of the thoughts that hold us back from doing what want to do and being who we want to be.

you get to see the wisdom in dreams

Interpreting dreams from the past gives us the opportunity to see just how much dreams tell us. Especially since we now know how that past situation played out in real life.

learn how your dreams speak

We get to learn how our dreams speak to us and their unique language by deciphering old dreams. What did the purple elephant mean in a recent dream? Let’s look back at that dream you had 5 years ago with a purple elephant, what did it mean then? It’s also just great dream interpretation practice!

A Dream Journaling Tip

If you keep a dream journal, or if you’re planning to start one, I highly recommend keeping a day journal as well. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just a few dot-points each day noting the day’s minor and major events.

I suggest this because after a few months of keeping both journals, it can be quite amazing to look back on your dreams and cross reference what happened the days and weeks before and after the dream.

Doing so can often reveal just how much dreams tell us and how much we express our true feelings in the safety of the dream realm. You may find that if we tuned into our dreams more often, we might be able to avoid a few extra hiccups in life.

You can find 5 more dream journaling tips in this blog post.

Let's find out why dusting off those old dream journals and unpacking your old dreams from the past can be so beneficial and life changing...

Recurring Dreams from the Past

The most remembered dreams from the past are recurring dreams. This is no surprise considering they tend to be quite vivid and occur several times. Recurring Dreams are one of the most important dreams to have interpreted because they hold information and/or a message that needs to be addressed. Which is the core reason why a dream becomes a recurring dream, the situation hasn’t been addressed.

Case Example

the dream

Let’s say an adult remembers a recurring dream they had when they were a teenager during a time when their parents were going through a divorce. The dream took place at their high school. There was no one else at the school, yet it felt like a normal school day. They were walking to class when an earthquake caused the buildings to crumble to the ground. The dreamer barely escapes unharmed and wakes up in a panic each time they had the dream.

the interpretation

Earthquakes in dreams can often express feelings of instability and loss of control. In this example, the interpretation would reveal to the dreamer how intense their anxiety was due to the troubles in their homelife and how much it was it was disrupting their ability to do well in school. It also shows how little to no support they had.

the benefits

This interpretation would help the dreamer to see that they weren’t just a trouble making, class skipping teen with no ambition or skill like their teachers and parents made them believe… they simply didn’t have a stable home, or a stable foundation to stand on to be able to discover who they were or have a safe environment to enable healthy personal growth. This would be a massive shift in perspective on a past situation enabling the dreamer to then release these old limiting beliefs about themselves.

Just like digging around in your past with a psychologist, looking into dreams from the past can reveal life changing information.

Do you remember any dreams from your childhood?

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