Meet Bethany

Hello! I’m Bethany Loveday and I’m a certified Dream Therapist with over 6 years of experience working with people living all over the world with different backgrounds, religions, beliefs and lifestyles to decipher their dreams.

Since I was a young teen, I had been interpreting my own dreams and helping friends and family with theirs until one day in my late 20s, I had a dream which inspired me to look into interpreting dreams as a service.

I wasn’t sure if my technique would work on people I didn’t know, so I started off by setting up a Facebook page, offering my service for free. Well, I soon found out my technique certainly worked and after a year of offering my service for free to people from almost every continent, I started to take myself seriously and set up an online business.

I also went on to study and become a certified and insured Dream Therapist, because like I said, with the transformations and clarity I was helping people achieve, I wanted to take this seriously.

My dream interpretation service has proven to be highly beneficial to my clients and has helped them in self development, self care, mindfulness, shadow work and in improving their mental health. My service has also proven to greatly compliment other psychological therapies.

“Knowing yourself
is the beginning
of all wisdom.”


About My Work

My work fits into the psychospiritual therapy realm. Psychospiritual therapy has a more holistic approach than traditional psychology as it utilises scientific based methods whilst also recognising that we are spiritual beings. It pertains to the relationship between the soul and the mind. Psychospiritual therapy encourages turning a negative life event or a symptom of mental illness into a journey and an opportunity for personal growth, rather than treating them as things to be eliminated, suppressed, or moved past as quickly as possible. Healing takes time, and having your dreams interpreted can help you identify what it is that needs healing and/or your attention.

The biggest benefit of having your dreams interpreted is making your unconscious conscious. As Carl Jung said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”. When you have your dreams interpreted, you’re discovering what is happening in your unconscious mind that is affecting your waking behaviour, thoughts and decisions.

If you are undergoing psychological therapy and/or self conducted shadow work, dream interpretation and dream therapy can greatly assist you in identifying issues that need to be worked through and healed.

When interpreting our own dreams, our egos often cling to the most favourable interpretation, leaving the important information suppressed in our unconscious. Hence why obtaining the assistance from a dream interpreter can be very helpful

You are indeed able to interpret your own dreams, but there are times when enlisting the help of someone who understands dream language can be highly beneficial. Whilst asleep, our ego is also asleep and this is why our unconscious mind is then able to express all those emotions and ideas the ego supressed. When we are awake trying to interpret our own dreams, the ego is also awake and will very often cling to the most favourable interpretation, rather than seeing what it is that the ego suppressed in the first place.

Just as you would seek the assistance of a psychologist who understands how the brain and mind works, a dream interpreter understands the language of dreams and their deeper meanings.

If you would like further information about myself and/or the services I offer, please contact me.